Western Digital HDD Colours Explained

What Do The Western Digital HDD Colors Actually Mean?

Western digital HDD has six colors that include green, purple, blue, gold, and black. These HDD colors are very confusing. This is the reason why it is important to learn how to differentiate each of them. The HDDs are made for several purposes. It is important to choose what suits your needs. Any hard drive that you use on your computer will still work. One can use the WD Purple as the primary, and it will work for them. It is important to note that they may not meet the expected potential use. It is important to spend some extra cash to purchase the WD Blue or Black for you to enjoy the results.



The WD HDD Blue is very reliable. Its performance is very high for people who use it every day. They are made for general use. Prices are a bit higher, but it is a good deal. The capacities of Western Digital HDD Blue range from 250GB to 6TB. The revolution per minute varies from one model to another. There are models that have 5400 rpm and other that have 7200 rpm. WD Blue is suitable for storing anything that one needs including music, games, and pictures.


WD HDD Green

WD Green performs the same role as WD Blue. Many users prefer WD Blue because of its reliability and fast performance. WD Green is stronger than WD Blue. The difference between the two colors is not noticeable. It is important to choose wisely in order to avoid frustration later. Western Digital HDD Colours stopped manufacturing WD Green and replaced it with M.2 SSDS and SATA.


WD HDD Black

WD Black offer maximum performance because of the capacity of its drive that ranges from 1TB to 6TB. WD Black is suitable for PCs that are used in a workstation or for gamers because their performance and usability are very high. The cache of WD Black is 128MB compared to WD Blue that has 64MB cache. All models of WD Black versions have five-year warranty and 7200rpm. It is important to note that WD Black is a high-performance drive.



WD Red is designed to be slotted inside the Network Assisted Storage (NAS). WD Red is only compatible with the NAS systems. The capacities of WD Red range from 759GB to 8TB. They also get support from RAID configuration. The WD Red excel more when used in reading performance than the write performance. The data in WD Red is stored in networks. WD Red has two versions known as the standard version and pro version.


WD HDD Purple

WD Purple is the best surveillance drive. This means that the HDD color can sustain its performance 24/7. It is mainly used by the security systems to record and store videos. It is the exact opposite of WD Red because it excels well in writing performance than reading performance. WD purple utilizes the technology called ALLFRAME that helps in minimizing errors while recording and saving videos. The capacities range from 500GB to 8TB.



WD Gold is mainly used to perform enterprise solutions at data centers. They are the most shelf hard drives. It can handle a lot of sophisticated products. This HDD color can handle 2 million hours mean time and 550TB per year data between the failures. The WD Gold features technology such as multi-axis shock sensor, stable trac, and dynamic fly height. It is the most expensive HDD. It comes with a warranty of five years. It works well when used in servers.


All Western Digital HDD colors provide all solutions regardless of whether the user needs extra performance, servers, reliability, or the capacity. The solutions range from gaming, surveillance, and network assisted drive. The users can figure out what exactly they need using bright color coding. WD Blue is used for the general purposes of storage. WD Green does the same work as WD Blue, but its performance is a bit low. WD Green is very cheap and eco-friendly.

WD Black is for pure performance in media, game, and content creation. It is important to note that this is the most expensive drive. WD Red is a network assisted storage. It is purely optimized for the NAS systems. WD Purple is advised for users who require 24/7 operation. It is also used in surveillance. WD Gold is the premium of the WD HDD colors. It is purely made for data center services to allow multiple users to use the network at the same time and be able to read the data that appears on it. The users should keep in mind that the speed of 7200rpm or higher is essential if they need high performance across the performance of all western HDD. Hard drives that have longer warranties are the most reliable.

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